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Ninti Kata Consultancy

Respect, Empowerment, Collaboration

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About Ninti Kata

Ninti Kata Consultancy is led by Erin Woolford, a Kuyani-Arrernte Woman with 25 years of extensive experience across various sectors and regions. Erin is the heart and soul of Ninti Kata, a 100% Aboriginal-owned and operated business. As the Managing Director, she offers specialist consultancy services in First Nations economic development, policy reform, strategy co-design, complex cross-cultural consultations, and works closely with corporate Australia to enhance institutional integrity and implement structural reforms aligned with the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Working Together

Experience You Can Trust

Economic Empowerment

Connecting Communities and Perspectives

Economic Empowerment focuses on fostering self-sufficiency and prosperity within First Nations communities. By developing sustainable economic pathways and empowering local initiatives, we enable communities to thrive economically.

Institutional Integrity and


Shaping Policies, Strategies, and Governance

Building Relationships through Cross-Cultural Dialogues

Through Strategic Solutions, we shape the future through informed policy reform, strategic co-design, and enhancing institutional integrity and governance. Ninti Kata collaborates closely with organisations to develop policies that are fair, efficient, and inclusive. Our strategic guidance ensures effective governance structures, fostering stability and progress.

Through facilitated cross-cultural consultations, we bridge gaps, foster understanding, and create meaningful connections. By honouring diverse perspectives, Ninti Kata promotes unity,  and trust, among communities and stakeholders, driving positive change that respects and preserves cultural heritage.

How We Work

Initial Consultation:

Our journey begins with an initial consultation where we explore your unique needs and challenges. This initial step allows us to deeply understand your goals and craft a tailored approach that resonates with your vision.

Needs Assessment:

We conduct a thorough needs assessment to pinpoint areas where Ninti Kata can deliver the most significant value. This process guarantees that our services are precisely attuned to your goals.

Tailored Solutions:

Drawing insights from the assessment, we fashion a customised solution that directly addresses your distinctive requirements. Whether it's in the realms of economic development, policy reform, strategic planning, cross-cultural consultations, or governance enhancement, our strategies are designed to perfectly align with your organisation.

Collaboration and Implementation:

We foster a culture of collaboration by working closely with your team to implement the strategies we've co-created. This phase is marked by the exchange of insights, provision of guidance, and active engagement, all aimed at driving the necessary changes for your success.

Ongoing Support:

Our commitment extends far beyond the initial strategy implementation. We offer continuous support to ensure the positive changes endure, consistently benefiting your organization and the communities you serve.

Measuring Impact:

We define key performance indicators (KPIs) to systematically track progress and gauge the impact of our efforts. Regular assessments enable us to fine-tune strategies as required, ensuring sustained success.

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Darryl Cuzzubbo


"I have worked with Erin over a 2 1/2 year period and witnessed her deep passion and drive for providing effective and sustainable support to Indigenous people. Erin is gifted at being able to constructively challenge people to grow into what they can become whilst always being there to support them in the process" 


Cultural Sensitivity and Respect:

Throughout our partnership, we maintain the highest levels of cultural sensitivity and respect. We're dedicated to ensuring that all our interactions and solutions uphold and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the communities involved.

Reporting and Accountability:

Our commitment to transparency and accountability means we provide regular, transparent reporting. This keeps you well-informed about progress, challenges, and successes, as open communication is integral to our approach.


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